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All in all, I really enjoyed this particular story. Anyone could spin a story around the idea of Weiss being team RWBY's leader, but you did a very good job of keeping me interested throughout the entire story. I also like that its a contrast from your more comedic works. It really shows the range of your writing talents when you can write 2 completely different genre's, both very well. The only critique i have is that it has a bit of a cliff hanger ending to me. Don't get me wrong it works as a complete story, but there is clearly a larger narrative you're working on, and because of that it wasn't as fulfilling as a standalone story.
August Schnee was troubled. He sat in a chair in the far corner of the room, but even here he couldn’t avoid the idiots in his family trying schmoose there way into his good graces. But that wasn’t what was troubling him. It was the look that, in recent years, had been permanently set on his daughters face. It seemed to start the day he told about the marriage arrangement he had set up between Wiess and the son of a competing company. It had made Schnee dust the only name in both dust mining and advanced technology. But it seemed to have cost his daughter dearly.
She never smiled. She only sat there, a near permanent frown etched upon her beautiful face, and it hurt. It hurt to see her so sad, just like it hurt to see her crying after every lecture he gave her about being perfect for their families company when she was growing up. He regretted it each night afterwards, in his bed when it was just him, his sleeping wife, and his thoughts. He didn’t mean to make her cry, but he always managed to come up with an excuse for why she needed to be lectured. He didn’t mean to demand perfection, he knew it was impossible, and the Wiess tried harder than anyone he had ever seen to achieve it. But what did he give her for her efforts? An undoubtedly unwanted husband and another lecture about how she needed to produce an heir.  But little did he know he would soon have a chance to make things right, when a beautiful blonde and her faunus wife marched onto the gala entrance, an angry frown on her face.
Here is the first couple paragraphs of my first fanfic. let me know how it is!
So, I've been thinking about writing a book, or even finding a good artist and making a comic book/ graphic novel, but I want to practice my writing, so, I will be entering the world of fanfiction. 
So, I've been thinking about writing a book, or even finding a good artist and making a comic book/ graphic novel, but I want to practice my writing, so, I will be entering the world of fanfiction. 


Sourpuss and Batfake

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